BOOOM is a new way forward in property management. We are investing in changing the face of property management to deliver something different for property investors and customers, something unrivalled across the entire property management industry.

We are making a significant impact in the marketplace through redefining property management with a focus squarely centred on building long term relationships and innovative ways of achieving client goals.

Our staff are the heart and soul of the business and our guiding principles are based on integrity and a process driven approach to deliver outstanding results to our clients.

By living our values and operating sustainably, we will continue to “build the best” and earn the right to serve our customers and clients tomorrow and into the future.

‘Booom’s impact comes from the moment you say the word, a loud, deep, resonant sound, a statement of excitement, sound or colour. To Booom is to grow, develop, progress and flourish.’

OMG you do make it easy. It’s so good!

Dr. Zena

I just have to tell you how much we value and appreciate our managers, and Booom’s careful management of our properties. We are fortunate indeed!

L. Kennedy